Staff Instructor

Staff Instructor is responsible for training other instructors. If you are a very experienced instructor and want to spread your passion among others – consider raising your qualifications to this level. During the course you will learn how to manage a dive center, coordinate classes on different levels, how to deal with typical problems that a dive shop manager has. Staff Instructor is also capable of training new instructors, with an assistance and under a supervision of Course Director. Staff Instructor course was designed to fullfill the requires of dive shops and dive centers, that want to add personnel training to the offer. Let`s start right now!


- minimum age 25
- Master Diver Instructor


- graduate can conduct instructor courses on two levels – Scuba Diving Instructor and Master Diving Instructor and specialization levels (if one is already certified as an specialization instructor) - Dry Suit Diver Instructor, Ice Diver Instructor, Wreck Diver Instructor, Full Face Mask Diver Instructor, DPV Diver Instructor, Underwater Photographer Instructor, Underwater Filmmaker Instructor, Gas Blender Instructor , Advanced Nitrox Diver Instructor, Extended Range Diver Instructor, Full Trimix Diver Instructor, Cave Diver Instructor, Full Cave Diver Instructor, Expedition Cave Diver Instructor, Advanced Wreck Diver Instructor, Advanced Ice Diver Instructor, SCR Diver Instructor, CCR Diver Instructor

Instructor staff